From time to time we wish for items that will help add interest to our museum, make it more convenient, or more appealing to all.  We will provide a wish list in the spring when our museum is ready to open again.

In 2009, we asked for and received the original ticket desk from our old depot, our station agent's original roll top desk, two file cabinets, a printer, a scanner, a low display table, a card table, an antique table for our guest register, a cast iron door to replace the one missing on our caboose stove, two televison sets, a DVD player, a VCR, numerous railroad lanterns of all types and sizes, two lawn mowers, and all of our missing Cranberry Festival buttons.  We thank everyone who has come forward and granted every wish of our historical society.  This is so gratifying!

Our WISH LIST for 2014 is very short:

We wish for many more visitors eager to tour our museum and its hundreds of exhibits -- and we wish for many more Docents willing to hold our museum open for all to enjoy.